Friday, February 26, 2010

Tip O' Me Hat To: Val's Junk Drawer

My long-time friend and one of my bestest BFF's, Valerie ( Hi, Val!!), recently started up her own blog, The Junk Drawer. Val and I go way back (how long has it been now, close to 15 years, if I remember right).

Valerie posts about her efforts to eat healthy, lose weight, and some of her projects along the way. In her own words:
Just call me a sheeple - a follower. The time has come that I am joining the
blog/internet world in posting my goings on in the kitchen and the bathroom
scale. The idea of this website is to give me a place to unload my meal planning
and weight loss journey. Probably some of my hobbies will make their way in to
this arena also. So, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you end
up with a junk drawer :)

Those of you on Weight Watchers will also appreciate that Val includes WW points with her recipes!

Click here to give Val a little love and encourage her in her brand new blogging effort. :)


  1. lol Thanks DeAna :) Is it really 15 years? gosh...


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