Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earn Free Stuff At My Coke Rewards

My family has one huge soda drinker, and that's my husband. Considering how much we spend on to support my hubbie's addicition love of all things carbonated, we started participating in My Coke Rewards during the program's early beginnings. I mean, they were getting our money, so why not let My Coke Rewards give us something back, right?

Since we first started participating, we've gotten several items for free. To name a few--a rice cooker (which I absolutely LOVE and use all the time), coupons for free movie and game rentals, free digital prints of all sizes, including 8x10, and more goodies.

The program is as simple as this: purchase Coca-Cola products, look for special 12- or 15-digit codes, and earn points as you enter the codes. Points range in value from 3 points for a 16- or 20-oz bottle, to 10 points for a 12-pk. Find points on products such as Sprite, Coke, Fanta, Dasani, and more!

So have I piqued your interest? Click here to register for My Coke Rewards or find out more information about the program and start earning those rewards. :)

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