Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friday Night = Date Night

This particular Friday Night = Date Night post isn't about a particular date night for hubs and I. It is, however, a helpful idea for you to give you an idea of an inexpensive but priceless gift idea for your significant other.

About a year & a half ago, a friend was explaining to me about a gift idea she had for her husband for Valentine's. Now, when she told me about this idea of hers, it was probably in September. I was really impressed with her true devotion to her spouse, and that even though Valentine's Day was super long away, it was already in the forefront of her mind. I caught her enthusiasm, and committed to do a similar gift idea for my own husband. I loved him, and I felt that this particular gift was a spectacular way to, not only show my love for him, but to say I loved him in a way that was different and unique.
The idea is that you take a small journal. At the end of each day, or even during the day as things come up, you record the things that your husband/boyfriend (or wife/girlfriend, if you're a guy reading this) has done for you that day. At first, I really didn't think that I'd be able to write much. I knew that hubs did things for me, but in no way did I think that I'd be able to write more than a short sentence or two.

But the more I wrote each day, the more I realized just how much he did, and continues to do, for me! Some journal entries were shorter than others, and some took up several pages.

I found new insight about the our relationship. A deeper appreciation for the "little things." A greater desire to serve my husband and do more to show my love for him.

You can start your own journal at any time. Start now, today, each day writing your thoughts and gratitude for the love of your life and what he/she has done for you that day. Then wrap up this little treasure and give to that special someone this Valentine's. Or save it as an anniversary present, birthday present, or Valentine's 2011.

I know that your loved one with deeply appreciate this type of gift, for they will see just how much you notice the things they do, and how much you appreciate their expressiosn of love. And you'll be inspired, in turn, to be a better partner in your relationship.

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