Thursday, January 7, 2010

Return & Report: My 2010 Goals

So here I am, 7 days into the New Year! If you missed reading it, you can view my goals for 2010 here.

I wanted to provide everyone with a quick update as to how I'm doing on my goals for 2010. It's only the first week, but I'm hard at work getting a jump start on my goals, trying my best to do a little here & a little there. I really, really have the urge to just drop everything (work, sleep, eating, you name it!) and simply tackle everything at once. But that certainly wouldn't be a good idea. I don't think my employer would appreciate it!

Here's some of what I've accomplished:
  • Been More Feminine--I've worn my make-up every day and I've managed to wash my face every night before going to bed!
  • Habit of Reading--I've read to my children every day this year, and they certainly are soaking in the attention from Mama! Plus, I even read a chapter out of one of my own books--personal reading! *gasp!!* I still can't believe it. :)
  • Organize, Organize, Organize!--I've bought a good-size 2-inch clear view binder (Avery brand, so it had a Box Top which will go to the kids' school!) and also tab dividers. I need to hit Staples and get some sheet protectors so I can create a family binder to organize all our little important papers that tend to float around and get lost in the house.
  • Better Blogging--Another goal I had was to post daily on this blog, and I have done that. I even set up some future dated posts, something that I very rarely get a chance to do.

What about you? How are your goals going so far? Please share and provide a link to your own blog if you've posted your goals there. I've love to hear what you're doing!


  1. Good job, DeAna! My goal is to function like a human this year. So far I am doing very well. :)

  2. LOL!! You always know how to make me laugh. :)


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