Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shop Your Way Rewards

Have you heard about the Shop Your Way Rewards program at Kmart and Sears? I feel like this is a program I should have known about a long time ago, but if I heard about it, it just went in one ear & out the other. I don't always pay attention to the Kmart or Sears flyer. I usually do a big bulk purchase for the kids' clothes at a local children's used clothing store or at a thrift store on NC Tax Free Weekend, and I almost never buy clothes for myself. I know that both stores sell other things, but they tend to be more expensive than other stores, and for the longest time Kmart didn't accept Internet coupons. So although I go to these stores on occasion, I've always thought that they weren't worth the hassle.

Until I took a closer look at last week's Kmart flyer and saw Capri Sun on sale for $1.88! Woohoo!
I bought 3 boxes.

(I stockpile juice boxes and such for the kids' school during the Summer time, so this was a major purchase for me to be buying 3 boxes in January!!)
What made this deal even sweeter was that the Capri Suns were marked for double rewards, in addition to being heavily marked down in price. So before leaving the house to do my shopping, I went to and signed up for the Shop Your Way Rewards program. I was then able to print my member ID, which I took with me to Kmart so I could immediately earn rewards on my Capri Sun purchase!

So how does the rewards program work? Essentially, you shop and earn rewards on select merchandise. The basic reward is 1% of the price of eligible purchases. You can use your card in-store at Kmart and Sears, or online at or There are also bonus rewards that can be earned during special promotions throughout the year, such as the Capri Sun I bought.

So for the double rewards offer on the Capri Sun, I earned $0.11! Ok, so I'm not rolling in dough, but every penny counts, right? Once the rewards start racking up, I'll be able to use them towards my purchases or save them up to get something special for me. And who can pass up the opportunity to earn something for free? :)

To sign up for your own Shop Your Way Rewards card, click here!

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