Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 1/25-1/31/1

I haven't had the best of weekends. My car broke down yesterday--my freezer meal cooking day, of all things--so I got a really late start and had to postpone several of the meals until today. In fact, I'm still not done. I have 2 more meals to make after this post. Crikey! And because I was so strapped for time and feeling the "pressure," I changed up a few of my meals and crossed out a couple (misplacing a couple recipes didn't help either). So needless to say, things didn't go quite as planned. But this is a new week, my Young Women (the youth girls where I attend church) are having their New Beginnings activity this week, and it is certainly a "new beginning" for me, too.

Here's what I have planned for this week's dinner meals. Recipes will be posted during the week. Breakfasts will consist of cereal or toast; sandwiches for me and the kids for lunch or leftovers (if any) for me. I'll be at a retreat this coming weekend, so I won't be making a homemade breakfast like I have been lately.

Monday--Crock-pot Chicken & Vegetables
Mondays are our weekly "Family Home Evening" (FHE) night. We will continue our activity from last week by talking about manners and doing some role playing (practicing sharing, saying "thank you", "my pleasure" etc.)

Tuesday--Turkey Legs, Carrot Sticks, Peas, Baked Beans
I was recently asked to be the Secretary in our Young Women's program at church. They are having their New Beginnings activity this evening, so hubs will make dinner and have it ready for when I come home for work. That way, I'll be able to eat before leaving for the YW activity.

Wednesday--Baked Potato Soup for the Crock-Pot, Dinner Rolls
Hubs has a meeting at church this evening, so a slow cooker meal will come in handy, allowing him to eat before he needs to leave.

Thursday--Chicken and Broccoli Casserole, Oranges, Squash

Friday--Hubs is on his own!
I'm going scrapbooking!! This is the 3rd annual scrapbook retreat that I've gone to, and I'm really excited. I didn't get much sleep last year (I didn't even go to bed that Saturday night and spent the whole time scrapbooking). I'm really looking forward to getting caught up on some pages.

Saturday--Hubs is on his own!
Still scrapbooking!

Sunday--Thai Venison Burritos, Oranges, Lima Beans
I'll be back home from the retreat sometime this afternoon. I won't make it to church, but I will probably be able to get a cat nap before the family gets home...maybe. :)

For hundreds of menu plan options, visit!

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