Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wok's For Dinner: Crock-pot Chicken & Vegetables

This meal was bad. Bad, bad, bad. Not-enough-worth-posting-the-recipe bad! I don't know exactly where or how it went wrong. The vegetables were undercooked, so I had to mash 'em up and load 'em up with butter so we could at least swallow them. And the chicken was like eating saw dust. No good! Bad, bad, bad!




  1. Sorry the recipe didn't work out! I didn't know anything could go wrong with a crock pot recipe. Now I'll be more concerned when I throw stuff in mine. Take care, Kerry

  2. I didn't know that things could go so wrong either. This is one crock-pot recipe that I just "threw together" so next time I'll just stick to a recipe instead. :)


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